Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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  • English LCD Screen (240 x 128 or 240 characters)
  • Two-wire Circuits for super long transmission distance (up to 2 Km between the control panel and modules)
  • The data memory device can store up to 2000 historical records permanently (the device in graphic systems can be expandable up to 20 million operators)
  • Composed sound alarm function (broadcast in human voice to annunciate with operators)
  • SLCs, IDCs are equipped with insulation false inspection function
  • Protection against lighting surge
  • A table to review all I/O modules’ statuses is available for easier operation
  • Addresses and interlinks can be checked in a table in the LCD screen
  • Two-stage alarm delay function
  • Can connect up to 16 Addressable Fire Alarm Annunciators
  • Equipped with 3 sets of RS-485 communication ports to connect with central PC’s monitoring and control system
  • Housed in a flame retardant ABS enclosure


Power Source 110 V AC 50/60 Hz or 220V AC 50/60 Hz
Addresses Loop 255 Addresses / 1 Loop
Standby Battery 24V DC maintenance free sealed lead acid battery
Communication Loop Maximum Length Two-wire (able for branch wiring) 1.5 Km
Annunciator Connection Use RS-458 for 800 m, Network Signal Transceiver for 3 Km and Optical Fire for up to 40 Km distance
Loops Voltage Load Power / Indicating Lamp / Zone Telephone : 24V DC
Power Consumption Standby Main Alarm Board : 500mA (max.)
Standby SLC communication module : 280 mA (max.) / module
Transmission Method Selective and sequential (I/O modules)
Output Relay Method Each module has 40 contacts, expandable up to 160 contacts
Up to 13 modules can be installed for 2.040 contacts
Main Audio Sound Mixer, Human Voice and Alarm Sound (above 90dB)
Ambient Temperature 0~40°C
Cabinet Material Flame retardant ABS enclosure