Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

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  • Two-stage fire alarm delay function
  • Standby battery protection
  • Protection against lightning surge
  • Abnormal voltage monitoring
  • Human-centered design


Zones Availability 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 zones
Power Source 110V / 220V AC 50/60Hz
Standby Battery 24V DC
Charging Current 24V DC, under 450mA, Trickle Charge
Current Voltage 24V DC working Voltage, under 5V 32mA
Rated Impedance Under 50Ω back and forth
Detector Connection Unlimited for Conventional Rate of Rise Heat / Fixed Temperature Heat detector : under 30 units per optical smoke detector (24V DC 40µA) per zone
Terminal Resistor 10 KΩ
Number of Indicators 1.2 times of loop number (LED Indicator)
Number of Bells 1.2 times of loop number
Main Audio Single-tone buzzer distance 1M above 85dB
A. Relay Contact No Voltage NO contact, capacity 250V AC 7Ax2 sets